Data Recovery Technology

Apple iPod photo and music recovery

A third generation Apple iPod Touch with 32 GB of storage costs around $300. If one were to visit the iTunes store and fill just half of that iPod with music at an average price of 99ยข on their iPod per song, the inventory on that iPod would be worth around $2000. Considering that the process of transferring songs to and from one iPod is somewhat tenuous and that these valuable files can be damaged and corrupted easily, it would seem a wise investment for anyone with an iPod to include on their computer software to recover deleted iPod files.

These programs which also double as digital media recovery tools allow one to recover music from iPod memory easily. Simply connect your iPod to your PC as if you were adding or removing files and applications. Then open your data recovery tool and direct it to scan all of the digital storage on your iPod. Most of the better digital media recovery tools such as those offered by Remo Software will create for you a list of both recently deleted files, and lost or damaged iPod files. You may then select from this list any songs, videos or applications you would like to restore.

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