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Avoid Hacking of Your Device by Practicing 7 Tips

cyeberhacking1_3077109bNowadays hacking is more common and you personal information and data is not safe. Here are 7 practical tips you need to follow in order to avoid your device getting hacked by someone.

  1. Keep a password to your phone: If you have not set the password to your device, it means you are enabling other to access your information. Also many of the users will keep the 4 or 6 digit password and it is also dangerous because there are many common combinations with 4 and 6 digit numbers and the hackers can easily identify your password. So you need to keep long and unique password. Nowadays there is Touch ID sensors and fingerprint sensors that are also doing well in giving security to your device.
  2. Set up two-step verification for every online account: On your device if you set two step verification then it gives you an additional security process and by this your authentication will be checked. The main use of it is, it will avoid the others to easily login your account. Especially you need to be safe in Gmail account, Dropbox, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google.
  3. Use different passwords for different accounts: Most of the users have this bad practice of keeping one password to all the different accounts. Especially the users will keep their mobile number as the password. In this case the hackers can easily identify your password and access your information. So to avoid all this you need to keep different password for different accounts.
  4. Encryption of iMessage of Apple: Encryption is the safest practice that will avoid the hackers to access your device. Apple’s iMessage provides 99% safety for communication because it is end-to-end encryption.
  5. Signal and FaceTime will both let you encrypt audio calls: If you are worried about the audio calls and need security than both the FaceTime and Signal will encrypt audio calls over an internet connection.
  6. A VPN doesn’t ensure 100% security, so practice caution: VPN (virtual private network) is the common security practiced when Wi-Fi network is connected. By this all the traffic will be encrypted and hackers cannot access the information. But it is not that effective so you need to be safe and look after it.
  7. Don’t open a link and emails that look suspicious: You may get some unusual links and emails that may be sent by the hackers and may be dangerous to you. So always avoid such emails and links.