Mac file recovery

How to recover deleted files from flash drive Mac?

Have you accidentally deleted our files from flash drive on Mac? Unintentionally deleting a file is a common mistake done by human. Flash drive is a storage device to transfer files from one device to other. It is small device & can be connected to any computer through USB port for transferring file.

However, there is a drawback of these; you can lose files from it at any point of time. In such cases, files from flash drives can be recovered back from an updated backup. But most of the individuals don’t backup their flash drives data; at this situation only Mac file recovery tool will help them to restore deleted files from flash drive Mac.

Sometimes you may lose files from Trash using Shift+ CMD +Delete or simply by pressing empty trash option. After performing this operation all files such as document, images, pictures, videos, etc. have deleted. Later you realized that some important files were present in the trash folder. Now what will you? Wondering if you can you recover files after emptying trash on Mac? Don’t worry!!! You can easily get back all erased files from trash folder by using Mac file recovery tool.

Let us see some of the situations which lead to loss of files from flash drives:

  • Unintentional Deletion: You may often delete your files by mistake from flash drive. Files erased from flash drive do not get stored in the trash folder.
  • Format: Formatting the flash drive containing your important files by mistake or formatting it intentionally to make it corruption free and formatting errors.
  • Virus Attack: Infectious virus or malware attack on the flash drive can also delete the files on flash drive.
  • Improper Ejection: Removing the flash drive abruptly while transferring files between flash drive and your Mac system or vice versa can also lead to loss of data.
  • Using cut +paste option: If you use Cut +paste option to copy or transfer files from Mac machine to flash drive & if any interruption takes place during the process then also you may face data loss.

But you should remember one important thing, when any data loss happens from flash drive you should immediately stop using that device, because adding or saving new file to that flash drive results in overwriting of the erased data making recovery impossible.

Mac file recovery tool is one of the best application to restore files from your flash drive, no matter whatever may be the reason for loss. The tool uses advanced built in algorithm to identify and restore all your deleted files from your flash device. It not only helps to get back data from flash drives but also retrieve  data  internal hard disk, memory cards, external hard drive and many other storage drives.

It can also be used to get back files from hard drive formatted with HFS+ & HFSX partitions. It restore erased files Mac OS X  on the basis of unique signature & after recovery it sorts them on the basis of file name, file size & date of creation.

You can check its capability by using trial version of the tool. Launch the application & then start the recovery process. After completion of the recovery successfully, you can view the restored files list.  But you can save them only after purchasing the tool.