Outlook Recovery

Advanced Trick To Repair Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely impressive email management tool and that is why now most of the email account holders are using it whether they are professionals or common users. With this application, you can manage your emails with additional features like attachments, appointments, calendar, contacts and more. However, dealing with emails with Outlook is very impressive and easy but a small error can trouble you more by making these emails inaccessible after corruption to PST file. If you are really trapped in such situation that is not getting access to Outlook emails and other attributes, immediately go take an initiative to repair Outlook PST file and it can be done very effectively if you have a PST file repair tool in your hand. For this responsive task, it is very important to adopt an efficient and smart application as it is all about your sensitive information contained in emails. Regarding this special task, you can take help of the best tool that is Repair Outlook PST Software.

While using Outlook regularly, you might perform some erroneous operations, which could result in arising different unexpected reasons hence making PST file inaccessible. Here you can find some common course of actions regarding PST file corruption scenarios after which you need utilize this tool for repairing purpose. You may find you PST attributes inaccessible or corrupted just because of a simple mistake was done by you only that is improper termination of Outlook program while PST file is in use or you are performing some operations like reading and composing emails, setting out appointments, modifying contacts etc. At the instance, Outlook program gets terminate improperly, it could directly affect the PST file and next time when you try to access Outlook items, it throws an error and refuses to open.

Sometimes, when you end up with upgrading Outlook version in your system, you need to import PST file from the prior version in order to have access to all emails and other data associated with your account. While importing PST file, if any interruption occurs or you make an error, it will give a rise to PST file import issues after that it may show an error like “.pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst)”. To fix such issues, you can take help of Scanpst.exe that is inbuilt repair utility but sometimes, it also fails to repair PST file. At this stage, it is better to make use of the software. Along with repairing of PST file, it facilitates Outlook users to restore deleted Outlook items in an easy and secure way.

Apart from other mentioned scenarios, oversized PST, sudden system turn off because of power failure or other logical issues, MS Outlook crash, virus infection etc are also accountable factors lead to PST file corruption. To fix PST file after all possible corruption issues, you can utilize the repair application to ensure perfect repair operation.

Repair Outlook PST Software is a smart application that repairs corrupted or damaged PST file by creating its replica in order to avoid all possible harms to source PST file. It very easy to employ an application, which supports users to repair Outlook 2010 PST file and also on previous versions of Outlook. After repair process, you can view emails, appointments and other data in Outlook styled browser.

Outlook Recovery

Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Emails from Outlook OST File

fix ost filesMS Outlook is a personal application manager designed by Microsoft. Sometimes OST files get deleted or lost due to certain error such as improper conversion, virus attack, improper closing, etc. As a result of which emails, contacts, journals, etc also get deleted or lost. Under such circumstances, you are searching for perfect tool to recover OST file.

In such situation, you can make use of Fix OST file tool to recover emails from OST file within few simple steps. This software is capable in recovering OST file of different version such as 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. You can recover password protected PST file by using this effective tool. Apart from emails, it also recovers various Outlook attributes such as task manager, calendar, contacts, notes, organizer, etc. It is one of the reliable applications to recover file from Outlook application. This software is available online to recover and fix OST file within few simple and effective steps.

Reasons for corruption of OST file

Oversized OST File: The size limit of different versions of Outlook application is different. When the size of OST file exceeds the limit then there might be a chance that file gets lost and become unreachable.

Virus Attack: Sometimes you are connected to infected system then there is huge possibility that virus enter into the system. This leads to corruption of files stored in system which later on results in deletion of OST files.

Other Factor: Several other reasons responsible for loss of OST files are operating on large volumes of emails, improper compacting operation, improper closing, etc. You can use this tool to recover emails from OST file due to above mentioned scenarios.

Features of Fix OST File Tool

  • This tool can be easily downloaded and used on all the latest version of Windows (Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP).
  • You can easily recover different attributes of Outlook application such as emails, organizer, contacts, task manager, etc.
  • This recover tool allows user to recover OST file of different file system of Windows operating system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT, etc.
  • Find option is a special feature available in this application that allows user to search recovered file according to file name, file size and file type.
  • Technical support team is available to provide support to customers who find difficulty in accessing this application.
  • Preview option is also available for this application to view repaired file before restoration on any storage device.
Outlook Recovery

PST Scan Tool – Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst)

Microsoft Outlook has turned out to be a great application for many users, the flexibility it offers is intangible which range from composing email to creating contacts, appointments, journals, RSS feeds, notes and many more.fix ms outlook inbox

Microsoft Outlook stores all its information into a database file named PST (Personal Storage Table). Thus due to various reasons the PST file can encounter errors and eventually result in corruption due to its fragile nature. Luckily there are plenty of programs which can help you fix the issues related to PST file. One such tool is PST Scan Tool which has gained much reputation in repairing Outlook PST file.

Note: You can try repairing the PST file using built-in tool of Outlook called Scanpst. This tiny tool can sometimes repair the PST file when it is not corrupted severely. But make sure you backup the PST file before attempting to repair the file.

The major drawback of using in-built tool is, it will repair the file and manipulate the content if required. Thus in case the repair fails or if the things go wrong then the PST file will get worsen. For this reason it is not recommended to use ScanPST tool. But this drawback is covered in PST repair tool.

PST Scan Tool – Have a Look

  • Repair Corrupt Outlook PST

The tool can repair the corruption which you are facing with Outlook. The tool can readily fix the issues including: header corruption, PST file damaged due to infectious items, improper configuration, errors many others.

  • Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails

Not only fixes corruption but also programmed to recover emails that are deleted even from “Deleted Items Folder”

  • Extract Emails from Password Protected and Encrypted PST Files

The tool has cracked down some unconventional way of extracting emails from Password Protected and Encrypted PST files. However at the same time promises you the security that is associated with the file

  • Preview of Recovered Emails

Aims at giving you a comfort experience during whole operation, after completion of the process you can a have quick look of the recovered items

  • Easy to Use Interface

The interface is simplified in such a way that any non-technical user can also operate the software without any difficulty

  • Enhanced Compatibility

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 (Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit PC)

MS Outlook Programs – Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016

RAM Memory: 512 Minimum (1 GB Recommended)

Free Space: 50MB of free disk space is enough for installation to complete

Must login as local system administrator to complete installation

Helpful Tips

  • Do not install faulty plugins or programs that are from untrusted source
  • Outlook is no doubt equipped with many advanced options. So keep the things simple and do not attempt with any configuration until you are sure about it
  • Sharing PST file over internet can make the things easier, but there are high risks of deletion of emails or corruption of PST file
  • Abrupt termination of program caused by software conflict can adversely affect Outlook data
  • Frequently backup your Outlook PST file so that it can be useful in disastrous events
Outlook Recovery

How to repair inbox tool?

In order to increase the performance of the MS Outlook and get rid of the sluggish behaviour of the Outlook, the PST file that is used to store the all the Outlook data should not be corrupted. When the PST file gets corrupt it takes more time to download the attachments and access the data inside the PST file. The size of the mail server can be reduced by transferring the emails to the PST file. This helps to free the storage space of the mail server. The large PST file can be split into independent files in order to reduce the chances from exceeding maximum size limit of the PST file. See that the content is distributed evenly into small folders.

The error that is displayed when the PST file is corrupted is “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open Outlook Window”. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file. C:\…. Outlook PST”. In addition to this, other error messages are also displayed like “Errors have been detected in the file <path>” and “The file <Path> is not an Outlook data file (PST)”. The fore most work to be done when you think the Outlook is processing slowly and PST file becomes inaccessible is to search for the inbuilt tool that is provided by default with Outlook. Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) is used to repair the corrupt PST file. Inbox repair tool error arises when it fails to repair severely corrupted files.

When you find the tool, it prompts for the location of the corrupt PST file to scan. You can find the PST file path through the Mail Applet in Control Panel. This is the other way to find the PST file. Go to the Mail Applet in Control Panel, then click data files button. If you are using multiple profiles and the scan should be done on the PST file which is not your default profile then search for your profile by pressing show profiles. First analysis is done by the tool. The procedure continues in eight phases. After analysis scan is completed, a window will be appeared with scanning report. You have an option to view the type of the corruption by pressing Details button. Then click repair button to proceed with the actual repair of the PST file. The time taken by the inbuilt tool actually depends upon the size of the PST file. When everything goes correct then the dialog box appears as “Repair complete”.

If the tool is unable to repair corrupt PST file, third party utility comes into picture. I suggest using Remo Repair Outlook (PST) that helps to recover deleted or lost data from the corrupt PST file and is more advanced than the scanpst.exe. This software helps to repair the corrupt PST file when inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) fails. Just download and install the demo version of the software on your system. It repairs the severely corrupted PST file and retrieves the Outlook data from the PST file. You can preview the recovered data and estimate the recovery chances. Once satisfied with the obtained results, activate the full version of the software.

Outlook Recovery

Tips to select best PST Repair tool to repair corrupted PST file

The PST file has been the most essential part of Outlook in all its versions. This is because, the PST file holds majority of Outlook data except for a few settings of Outlook. This majority data consists of emails, contacts, folders created by the user and many more. As the PST file is like any other file on your hard drive, there are chances for it getting corrupted or deleted. In majority of the cases the PST file undergoes corruption as it is a file which undergoes changes very frequently. The file increases in size every time emails are received and the larger the file, the slower is Outlook.

Therefore, Outlook provides the user an option to compact the PST file. This way the PST file size will be reduced thereby increasing the efficiency of Outlook. However, compacting if not done in the proper way could lead to corruption of the PST file which results in loss of important emails along with other attributes like contacts, journals, notes etc. Another way to ensure that the PST file remains within its size limit is to take regular backups of all your important emails and ensure that you delete the unwanted emails from Outlook. However, despite taking these precautions the PST file might get corrupted leading to loss of vital data.

However the PST file could get corrupted due to the Antivirus scanning. As incoming and outgoing emails are constantly scanned by the antivirus installed on your PC, frequent scanning may lead to the PST file getting corrupted, thereby making Outlook non operational. This can be avoided by keeping the antivirus up to date at all times. In such a scenario it is essential to repair the PST file. You can use the Inbox Repair Tool that Microsoft provides, but this tool might be of no use in case of severe corruption.

When the Inbox Repair Tool fails, you can make use of a good PST Repair Tool to repair the corrupted PST file. It is nevertheless important that you pick the right tool to repair the PST file, as this would increase your chances of recovering the deleted or lost items. As there are several PST recovery software available on the internet, it is very important as to which software you select for recovering the deleted items. It is always important to keep in mind that it is good to try and then buy a software. It is therefore important to download a demo version, try it and then buy it. Another important thing is to ensure that the software supports the Outlook version you are using and can solve your issue. You can do this by reading about the details of the software.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is designed to solve issues related to corruption of the PST file. The software can repair even the most severely damaged PST file and recover emails and all other attributes of Outlook that have been deleted or lost. You can download Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software, try it and then buy the full version and get back all your Outlook data.