Repair PST

Software to Repair PST File when Scanpst not working

Don’t worry when the default Scanpst tool does not repair your PST file. It can able to repair only a few number of corrupted files. Here in this article, you will get to know how to repair PST file when Scanpst not working using a software called Remo Repair Outlook PST. The exported PST file gets corrupted due to a wide number of reasons. The default outlook repair tool is only able to repair the less corrupted or damaged files. It cannot help you in files with higher level of corruptions. So we need to use software like Remo Repair PST in repairing corrupt and damaged Outlook PST files. Watch the video below to find it how it is being done.

Steps to Repair PST File when ScanPST Not Working

Download the software and install it on your computer. Run it and you will find some options on the screen. The screen shows options to select it manually or leave it to the software to find it. Choose the option which suits the best and proceed to next step. In the following screen, choose your desired scanning method (Normal or Smart Scan) and also select the destination folder for saving the file after repair is complete. Clicking the repair button will scan the PST file. After it gets finished, it shows you the recovered number of emails, contacts, calendars, etc. You can view from, to, subject and date of the email in the free version software. Along with that, body and attachments can be displayed after upgrading it to the full version.

Advantages of Using Remo Repair PST

  • The tool effectively recovers all the email attachments, calendar files, contacts, notes etc. from the corrupt PST file.
  • It is able to repair PST files which even Outlook can’t recognize. As it uses strong mechanisms to repair, it gives best results.
  • It can be installed on all Windows Operating systems from Windows Vista to the latest edition Windows 10.
  • Supports repair of PST files created using different versions of Microsoft Outlook application.
  • The software is able to repair oversized PST files which exceed its maximum limit. It recovers all the emails without missing a single one.

As this tool has the above advantages, it is used even if ScanPST is not able to repair.

Reasons behind Corruption of PST Files

  • Due to the virus infections in Windows computers, it is possible that it can easily affect PST files as they are intended to make harmful activities in Windows systems.
  • Abruptly closing Outlook application while exporting the PST file leaves it corrupted with partial data.
  • Exceeding the size above its normal limitation leads to damage in PST files.
  • Improper transfer of PST files over the network can cause damage in Outlook PST files.
  • Corruption of Outlook software will automatically leave the exported PST file corrupt.
Repair PST

Unusual but Achievable Tool to Fix PST Errors

Outlook is developed to carryout effective communication around the specific organization and to achieve business in a systematic way. PST is used by the Microsoft Outlook to store all the attributes such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, journals, etc. The PST file is able to store the data in the online mode. This PST file has the extension .pst. Though it used for sending and receiving emails but it is highly susceptible to corruptions. Once, the PST file gets corrupted then the information present in it cannot be accessed by the user. Hence, you need to be very careful in handling the PST file because a small damage to this file will make the entire Outlook profile inaccessible.

Are you getting error messages like “an unknown error has occurred 0x80040600”? In such case, you might be in confusion about how to resolve this type of issue. If you have proper backup then no need to worry because you can restore them easily. In case, if you do not have back up or the backup file does not work for you then it is somewhat difficult for you to resolve this problem. When you search for an appropriate tool to repair PST errors on Outlook 2007 in internet, you will get plenty of software. Among such available software, you need to make use of one trusted program known as repair PST. It is able to perform corrupted PST file repair in few clicks of mouse effectively.

Scenarios bring about PST errors on Outlook 2007:

  • Virus infection: When you transfer a file from virus infected storage device to computer, there is a huge chance of occurring PST errors.
  • Outlook upgradation error: Outlook upgradation is performed to move Outlook from older version of Outlook with limited capabilities to newer version with advanced capabilities. For the proper functioning of Outlook application, there is a need of upgradation. If this process is interrupted due to sudden power failure then you will get PST errors.
  • PST file header corruption: The header file acts as a backbone of PST file. The header file can store information such as size of file, file format, compatibility, etc. The file header corruption occurs due to virus infection, sudden system shutdown, etc. If this type of incidence occurs, Outlook user faces error messages after trying to open PST file frequently.

Both novice and vice users can use this highly interactive software to repair PST errors on Outlook 2007. This sophisticated utility has the ability to mend password protected and highly encoded PST file by using its progressive and latest scanning techniques. It has the capacity to fix other Outlook attributes such as contacts, attachments, journals, tasks, RSS feeds, etc. When you are unable to locate the PST file then utilize this tool to locate it by using its deep scan technology and later fix the file. To get more info regarding how to repair PST errors on Outlook 2007 visit here:

You can utilize the demo version of the PST repair program to know about the repaired result. This tool also supports Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2010. This application mends PST file to recover message body, cc, bcc and attachments on Outlook 2007. It will support Windows Operating System of all versions effortlessly.

Repair PST

How to Do Microsoft Outlook OST File Repair?

An Outlook file is the key reason behind the best performance of Microsoft Outlook application. Outlook OST files enables you to access emails from Outlook even if the internet connectivity is not available. When you established the connection between OST file and Exchange server, the complete data stored in OST file will get synchronized. However, if the synchronization process is interrupted due to any reason, then OST file may get corrupted and results in inaccessibility of all data stored in it. Under such situations, third party MS Outlook repair OST file tool is the only hope to get back your lost data from the corrupted OST file.

Some of the scenarios where the Outlook users may lose Outlook data due to OST file corruption are explained below.

  • Sometimes you might be trying to copy exchange server mailbox files without closing the Outlook application, at that times OST file is very prone to corruption.
  • If you are trying to take the backup of exchange mailbox data containing offline data while the Outlook is running on your system. Thus if you forgot to close the Outlook application before you go to perform backup process, it leads to the offline folder corruption.
  • Due to some possible reasons, sudden deletion of mailbox from the server system may occur and that leads to the mailbox corruption.
  • No matter which application you are talking about, there is certainly a limit to the amount of data that you are going to save on it. Outlook OST file is also has the same case. Therefore, if the OST file exceeded its upper-limit, user may get problems due to OST file corruption.

If you came across above circumstances, OST file will get damage and it cannot be identified by the Microsoft Outlook. But it can be recognized and accessed data from it, by using Outlook OST file repair software. The main job of this software is to fix OST file and recover all data from it. One best thing is that, you need not to have technical skills to accomplish this task. It will follow the read only approach and works efficiently to resolve the OST file errors. It’s very easy to operate for professionals and also ordinary users since it has simple graphical user-interface. With the help of this tool, you can get a complete solution within a few minutes.

This tool is not only used to repair OST files but it can also work conveniently to repair PST file if it is not responding while opening data from it. It can give complete solution even if the PST repair tool not responding, which is provided with the Microsoft Outlook application. It is quite helpful if your PST file became inaccessible due to hard drive crash, improper use of Outlook application, exceeding its upper-limit, up gradation of Outlook or operating system, etc. No matter how your PST file became inaccessible, you can fix all errors related to your PST file, using this software.

To have best PST file repair utility, just you have to spend a few minutes on internet. Then download the demo version of one of the Outlook file repair tools which you feel as suitable to fix your PST file. Then execute all steps given in the software and finally evaluate the final result. Suppose it works enough for you, purchase license key of the software and save your Outlook data.