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Best Software to Recover Lost Files from Flash Drives

Flash drive is the portable device that stores digital data and can be easily plugged into a system. USB flash drives are too compacted in size that can be carried in a pocket and has the less storage capacity than an external hard drive. But they are more durable because they do not contain internal moving parts. There are many types of flash drives like XD, SD, MMC, etc by which you can store all your important files. In some situation, you will be facing the problem of loss of data from this flash drive due to its corruption. This will be more frustrating when this flash drive fails to work. If you connect such a drive to your system then it will be identified as unknown device or can be shown in the disk as zero capacity disks. There will be several reasons for losing data from the flash drive like virus infection, drive formatting, accidental deletion, file corruption, third party utility, etc.

Power loss will also be one of the reasons for data loss. To elaborate this lets us consider one of the scenarios like, you have some important official files that to be copied to the flash drive from your system. During this process suddenly there was a power failure and system shuts down abruptly closing the entire running program. Again when you tried to open those files when the power came back you find that those files are unable to open and was displaying the error messages. This is due to the sudden power failure and the files that were to be copied onto the flash drive gets corrupted and resulted in data loss. The solution to this problem is to prefer to recover lost file that effectively supports to recover files on a corrupted flash drive. Some of the other reasons for the loss of data from the flash drive are mentioned below.

Common scenarios for data loss

  •  Mishandling of devices: When you are transferring any of the files from the system to your flash drive if you suddenly remove the drive without accessing the option like, now it is safe to remove your drive then it will corrupt the data present in the drive resulting in data loss.
  • Unintentional formatting: Without taking the backup of the important files from the flash drive, if you format the drive unintentionally then it will be inaccessible resulting in data loss.
  • Cut and Paste operation: When you are performing cut and paste operation in order to move files from flash drive to another drive, the process should not be interrupted. If this process gets interrupted then you will lose data being transferred.
  • Bad Sector: When you frequently remove the drive from your system then there will be a chance for the occurrence of Bad sectors on this flash drive. Due to this, the files saved on flash drives get corrupted resulting in data loss.

It is advised for you to always keep a backup of all your important files. There will be several reasons by which you lose or delete data by mistake from a flash drive. You will be shocked when you come to know that your documents are lost. If you caught with these types of problems then no need to be worried because the best recovery software helps in a better way to lost document recovery. This software performs through scanning process to restore lost data from inaccessible drives. It also provides you the preview option for the restores document for data restoration.

Features of this utility

  •  Ability to recover  lost data on various types of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI
  • Restores lost data from partitions having different file systems such as FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5, NTFS, ExtFAT partitions/drives easily.
  • This software effectively retrieves lost data from corrupted hard drive partitions.
  • Recover data from hard drives that are lost due to the causes such as file corruption, power surge, lost partition, software crash, virus attack and accidentally formatted drives.
  • Supports and executes data recovery from hard drives on different versions of operating systems like Windows Vista, XP, 7, 10, Windows Server  2003/ 2008, Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite,  El Capitan, Sierra etc.
  • This software supports to recover data on all popular brands of USB flash drives that includes Sony, SanDisk, Kingston, etc.

This is the best restore lost files from flash drives  software that supports you to recover data from the corrupted flash drive. You can also practically experience the recovery process with the help of free demo version of this utility that can be downloaded from the link mentioned above.


How to Repair Bad PST Files

Is your Outlook PST file got corrupted? Have you ever come across the situation in Outlook due to unanticipated PST file corruption? Looking for the solution to repair bad PST file? Do you want resolution on how to repair bad PST file?  If your answer is yes then this article provides you a great resolution on bad PST file by simple methods.

Corruption of PST file is one of the undesirable event as it halts the communication services in organizations that use MS Outlook client. PST file stores all the contacts, emails, tasks, journals and other files on the Outlook application.

Why this Outlook PST file becomes bad in its functionality. Do you know what are the reasons for all these problems, if no read the scenarios which are mentioned below,

PST file size issue, PST file size varies among the different Outlook versions. If the PST file size exceeds it maximum size limitation then it can turn to bad PST file making it inaccessible.

When your data storage devices pass through the bad situations where you stored PST then it gets corrupted, for example like presence of bad sectors on the hard drive.

PST file can leave inaccessible when a power issues occurs, for example like unplug power cable or improper power supply or power failure

Outlook PST file resides on the network server and you can access it from the client system through network links. If your network connection has got failed because of any hardware issue then it could also be the reason for the bad PST file.

Other reasons like harmful viruses, improper termination of the Outlook application, oversized PST file on earlier version of Outlook, software malfunctioning, fatal error 80040818, Outlook header corruption, etc makes your Outlook PST file bad.

Most suitable Resolution to overcome of these above issues of bad PST files

Repair bad PST file has proved to be the most relevant way to come out of all the above mentioned bad situations and helps in getting back all the corrupted data on PST file. PST repair tool easily cope up with all bad situations by repairing Microsoft Outlook file instantly. PST repair tool helps in retrieving Outlook database with the whole emails attachments and other details also. This software  not only perform to repair Outlook PST files but also restore MS Outlook file and migrate PST file within new PST file.

Additional functionalities of PST repair tool

  • Easily fix oversized PST files
  • Repair PST erorrs
  • Recovers missing contacts
  • Repairs bad PST files on different versions
  • Repairs password protected PST file
  • Repairs highly compressed PST file

Some tips that are necessary to be followed to avoid bad PST file

  • Regularly backup the important PST files on other storage device
  • Do not open a mail which is sent from the suspicious email id
  • Always use a good quality and an updated antivirus tool
  • Never oversize the PST file if you’re the user of earlier Outlook version

Recover Lost Files on iPod

iPod is digital music player developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is released in 2001 by Steve Jobs. He said customers could travel with 1000 songs in their pockets at the release function. It’s got four major versions as iPod Nano, iPod touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. The storage capacity of the iPods ranges from 2GB to 160GB. It differs much from other digital music players by its performance and compactness. It operates on Apple A4 CPUs and Samsung ARM. It can be used in the education field to present lessons as audio tracks. Apple website has released various uses of iPods in educational field and became popular for doing so. iPod took its name from Vinnie Chieco ,a contract copywriter and other professionals with him. He has seen the film “A SPACE ODYESSY” and he found analogy between relationship from the pods with spacecraft and also the one of personal computers with digital music players and proposed the name.

Imagine you’ve used an anti-virus utility to scan your iPod and then you might have pointed out that some data got deleted. Several of your favorite songs along with the virus got deleted. Do you want the deleted songs retrieved?

Assume that you have collected speeches of your child in his school and college since his childhood. You used to hear that numerous times since it made you cheerful. You have stored it in your iPod. While storing new songs in iPod you’ve deleted some audio files and next you’ve pointed out that you have deleted some audio recordings of the child’s speeches. Are you worried a great deal? Do you need to hear those words again? Yes, it is easily recoverable because if you delete files, it’s not erased permanently off the of storage space. The room occupied by those files is allocated to another data to become overwritten. Until other data occupies the room, it does present in the internal memory. So when you delete data by mistake, do not store any file in that internal memory till recovery. Files lost through virus infection, files deleted by anti-virus program, accidentally deleted, unknowingly formatted, etc. falls inside the same category and the data lost can be recovered through software utilities. In order to avoid data lose, use updated versions of anti-virus software. Do not remove the iPod through the system without checking “safe remove hardware” utility.

Recover deleted files on iPod software restores the deleted files from your iPod through its strong algorithm and intensely deep scanning process. It functions with Windows and Macintosh. It supports file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX, etc. Hard disk drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. are well supported. It finishes the scanning in short while. It can be used to recover files from memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, etc.

Trial version is readily available for download. The trial versions shows only recovered songs and yes it cannot be stored to any other location. With PREVIEW option, you should check the efficiency of the software, once satisfied you can use the entire version.