Formatted hard drive recovery

Easy and Efficient Way to Recover Files after Reformat

How to restore files from reformatted hard drive is the common question asked by many computer users, who find their valuable files missing from the particular location of storage device.

Solution for the above stated question is Computer File Recovery application because this file recovery tool retrieves the files after reformat the hard drive. The free version of the software enables an option to save the entire file recovery process by using “Save Recovery Session” option. Therefore, no need to scan again the hard drive after purchasing the full edition of this file recovery utility. Straight, you can pause with this saved recovery session by utilizing “Open Recovery Session” option. One of the other additional advantage of using Computer File Recovery tool you can restore the anticipated files by name, file type, size or date. User can recover files after reformat on hard drive interfaces like IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.

General issues that leads to loss of files after reformatting drive:

  • At times, you might accidentally right click on computer hard drive and end up pressing “Quick Format” option. This can leads to speedy deleting of entire data from disk within no time.
  • Instead of formatting some other partition/drive of the hard disk unintentionally you may format drives containing couple of favorable files. Accidental formatting/reformatting can also occurs when you are installing a new operating system on existing OS. This results in erase of file from the system.
  • Malicious threats will be one of the major factor that forcefully makes you to opt format option on your hard drive. Occasionally, you may unknowingly download some programs from untrusted websites. In such condition, there is a more chance of virus’s infection and results in file system corruption.
  • Abrupt termination of PC is usually occurs because of power failure or continuous variations of power. Due to this issue file system of the drive may take place with bad sector. Therefore reformatting or re-installation of operating system is required.
  • Suppose, if MBR of your system is damaged or corrupted then you need to format the hard drive in order to access further. This may leads to erase or deletion of important data residing on the hard drive.

These are some of the above stated scenario for data loss from after reformat hard drive. To get rid of data loss issues you need to employ Computer File Recovery software on your PC/laptop.

What happen when you format a drive?

If you format the drive then files are still reside on it until and unless you add a new data has this overwritten on them. When data is erased or the drive is formatted/reformatted then your files are not actually emptied permanently but drive is reallocated for the new data storage and file pointers are reset. You can regain formatted/reformatted drive by using effective file recovery application.

Outstanding Specifications of Computer File Recovery:

It has one of the unique scanning mechanism which finds for the lost/delete files within few minutes. Along with carrying out file recovery after format on computer hard drive and other secondary data storage gadgets like pen drives, flash cards, iPods, MMC card, FireWire drives, SD card, and so on. Recovers pics, movies, games, songs, videos, documents, executable files, system files, and many other data file.

Works on both the editions of Windows & Mac operating system to retrieve lost files after reformat. Preview the recovered files before saving them on any destination path. This file recovery after reformat utility has user friendly interface so that any novice user can also get back files and folder.