flash drive recovery

How to Download Free USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software?

 “Hello friends, recently while doing a project I removed USB drive unintentionally from the system which led to lose data from USB. All the important files in the device is disappear and I’m worried whether the data can be recovered or not. Can anybody suggest me how to perform USB data recovery without losing a single file?”

USB data recovery

USB Data Recovery Software accomplished to solve the problem related to lost or missing data from the flash drive, and it has significant features which makes restore data quickly. It is digitally signed which makes the tool more reliable.

USB drive is a plug-and-play portable storage device, which is used to store different kind of files and every operating system has the capability of recognizing the device when it is connected through USB port. Frequently use of flash drive might cause to lose the data, if it is not handled appropriately.

Common USB data loss Scenarios:

  1. Not properly removed USB drive from the system that led to loss of data.
  2. Accidently formatted the USB flash drive.
  3. If USB drive gets corrupted, then the corruptions of hard drive makes the device to lose large amount of data or inaccessible of device.
  4. Abruptly shut down of the system may cause to lose data from the drive.
  5. There are chances of losing data from the USB while transferring from one portable device to another.
  6. USB flash drive can suffer malware or virus attack and files get hidden or deleted.

Some features of USB Data Recovery Tool:

USB Data recovery tool can retrieve data from USB drive that includes Flash drive, Pen drive, Compact drive etc. It has the capability of supporting different kind of file system such FAT (16/32), NTFS, and so on. Application supports to recover over 300 file format such as document, pictures, music, video, games, application files, archived folders and many more. It offers different solutions to quickly recover data from USB flash drive.

Software can save recovered data based on file type, size and date. It has capability to achieve result without affecting the files present in USB drive which makes the USB data recovery reliable. Application is supported by different operating system such as Windows and Mac since both supports FAT file system.

How to achieve USB data recovery?

  • Download demo version of USB data recovery software.
  • Install and launch the application to retrieve files.
  • Select “Recover Files” option for data restoration from main screen.
  • Choose USB drive from where data gets deleted or missing and press “Next” button.
  • If the process of scanning completed then select “Preview” option.
  • After viewing the content you can “Buy” software to restore data on USB drive.


  1. Keep regular backup of essential data, and try to store on more than one place.
  2. Avoid removing the USB drive without saving and closing the data.
  3. Use “Safe Remove Hardware” to unplug the device.