File Recovery

How to Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive?

USB data recovery“I have accidentally performed the format operation on my USB flash drive thinking that the files are not needed. But now I need those files back. Is there any tool by which I can recover files from formatted USB flash drive?”

If you are facing such problem, then there is no need to get panic because you can easily restore your files from USB flash drive after format. If you are one who is thinking that the files cannot be recovered from the formatted USB drive, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, file recovery from formatting is possible if you use an advanced third party tool File Recovery After. Before performing the file recovery from formatted drive, you should have to know some basic thinks about it.

One of the most important thing which you must do, that is immediately stop the use of USB drive as soon as you came to know you have formatted the drive which contains important some files. This Format operation does not erase files permanently from the drive, it only removes the pointer of the files. So, that these files are not visible for you. When you perform any action like storing or perform any read/write operation on USB drive, then these old file memory space will be occupied by other files. In this case, recovery of files is very difficult.

Other Most Common Reasons File Deletion or Loss:

  • Virus intrusion on USB flash drive can lead to inaccessibility of the drive. In this case, you need to format your USB drive to access it which can be a cause of complete file loss from it.
  • File system corruption of USB flash drive is one of the major reasons behind drive format.
  • When you connect USB drive to the system, sometimes it throws an error saying that unformatted drive, in this instance, you need to format it as you do not have any other option.
  • Formatting the drive unintentionally while formatting other drive can also erase all files from it.
  • Accidentally clicked on yes option when you get an error message like drive not formatted, would you like to format now can also remove entire files saved on flash drive.

There is no need to worry about your files which has been lost due to format, because all of these files can be easily recovered with the help of File Recovery After application. With the help of this easy to use tool, you can recover various types of files such as images, documents, text files, videos, excel files, audios, pdf files, programs and many other without any difficulty. This utility is equipped with an inbuilt scanning algorithm that scans the entire USB drive and extracts files from formatted USB flash drives.

File Recovery After program supports all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac based operating system to get back files from USB flash drive. With the help of this program, you can perform file recovery from hard drive which can be manufactured by any world leading brand such as SanDisk, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony and many more. This easy to use software has an ability to identify all the file types based on their signature and file extension.