Data Recovery Technology

How you can recover information from ISO image files

An ISO image is a physical representation of data created in such a manner as to allow it to be burned using a laser onto the appropriate susceptible digital media such as a CD or DVD. The question arises how does one recover data from ISO image files. The answer to this would depend on whether or not one was attempting the ISO image recovery from the laser burned disc itself or the file used to create a CD or DVD.

Usually in these instances we are attempting to release the information that is locked into the ISO image file, that is prior to its being burned into plastic media. To this end there are specifically created programs that are sometimes referred to as ISO readers or ISO busters. These programs allow one to read an ISO image as if it were a standard folder and extract from that collection of files individual data files. Basically an ISO reader does exactly what your computer’s CD/DVD disk drive reader does. It translates the information as it is intended to be created on the DVD into a more understandable and conventional file format.

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