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Make Use of SSD to Make Your PlayStation 4 Faster

Sony Computer Entertainment developed a home game console called as the PlayStation 4, in short it is written as PS4. During the press conference on February 20, 2013 Sony announced the PS4 as the successor to the PlayStation 3, in North America it was launched on November 15, 2013, where as in Australia, South America and Europe it was launched on November 29, 2013. It competes with Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U as eighth generation’s part of video game consoles.

IMG_5042Follow Sony’s instruction to replace PlayStation 4’s internal drive:

Though external hard drives are not supported by PS4 and we know that it allows swap out of the hard drive to the users. To back up your data you can follow Sony’s official instructions and hard drive bay can be accessed. You can easily access the hard drive bay, remove the hard drive and with a faster SSD replace it. If you like you can put in a larger mechanical hard drive also.

You can install only one drive on PlayStation 4, so you need to make sure that you are buying a fairly large SSD. A drive of 2.5 inch internal drive, 9.5 mm thinner in size is required by PS4 and SATA specifications are used. According to the tests an SSD performance was better than a hybrid drive; with a small amount of SSD a regular hard drive is added.

External hard drives are supported by Xbox One:

Unlike Microsoft, Sony the users are not allowed to open Xbox One and to replace its internal drive, whereas external hard drives are supported. You need to simply connect an external SSD that meets specifications of USB 3.0 with your Xbox One. Now to the external hard drive you can install the games.

Chris Hoffman, who is from HowToGeek says significantly games would load faster compared from a speedy external SSD to the internal mechanical drive.

Make sure before buying the external SSD that it should have at least 256GB in size and is supported by USB 3.0 to install games in to it. The Xbox One includes three USB 3.0 ports and that will allow you to plug in up to three external drives.