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Reinstalling Windows 10 without an installation media

Are you looking out for methods to reinstall your Windows 10 without using a USB drive or a CD? Then here are other alternate ways to reinstall your Windows OS.

Reset your computer

You can reset your system this especially useful when you go with a fresh OS installation. While you reset your Windows 10 PC it provides an option to keep your personal files. The Reset function in Windows makes use of the recovery image and initiates a fresh installation. Herewith, resetting your computer to its factory settings eliminate the use of any installation media. To reset you Windows 10 system –

  • Launch the Settings app by holding Windows + I keys
  • Choose Update and Security option
  • Click on Recovery button
  • Select Reset this PC option
  • Press on Get it started

Refresh the system

One can also rely on the Windows 10 Refresh tool that is available on the internet to fresh install the operating system. This tool will not re-install the installed application or the hardware drivers that pre-exists in your computer. For this, you will have to update after reinstallation process under Settings > Update and Security Windows Update.

Using the system image

If you do not wish to lose all your personal settings and applications on your system then you can go ahead with taking a system image. You can create a full system image of your computer and enable the System Restore option in Windows PC. You can go through detailed instructions for carrying out this process on Windows 10 system. Te steps can be simply described as-

  • Launch the search menu (by holding down the Windows + Q keys)
  • Find the option: Create a restore point
  • Click on the System drive
  • Press on Configure option
  • Select Turn on system protection
  • Press on Ok button