Data Recovery Technology

Restoring your files after emptying them from the recycle bin

One wouldn’t necessarily think so, but the tips and hints required to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage are very similar to what one must know to recover deleted Word document files. In most file recovery situations, recovery of deleted word documents simply requires that one download a file recovery tool such as the Windows file recovery program from Remo Software and direct a tool to scan through your computer’s hard drive for the appropriate Microsoft Word document file types such as an XML or DOC file.

Obviously not much can be simpler than this in terms of solving a file recovery problem. And the Remo software program for Windows recovery will make short work of this task. But how does one recover deleted Word document files when they have neglected to save their work in progress on a new file or, when prompted to save changes, accidentally choose the no option? Here is where the comparison to the process one follows to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage enters into the equation. In both of these cases the files in question are no longer stored using their original file extension formats. And unless one is aware of the conversion file extension formats, they will be unable to track down their unsaved Microsoft Word document or files emptied from the Windows recycle bin. That is unless they use Remo’s Windows software recovery program which has been scripted to presort and locate both improperly saved Microsoft Word document files and files emptied from the Windows recycle bin.

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