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Shoot Killer Virtual Reality Films

In this technical era, people are using virtual reality headsets to watch the files images to feel a real environment. These VR produces realistic photos, sounds as well as other sensations that create an imaginary setting. Virtual Reality also believes a user’s physical presence in the real environment. There are a number of virtual reality devices which allows people to soar like eagles and movies surrounding. But there are some limitations with virtual reality.

There are a number of consumer virtual reality cameras available in the market, which enables people to do everything from putting together a 360-degree video of capturing a holiday dinner with the family. These virtual reality cameras record in all directions and giving viewers the option to see all around a sight as if they turn their head around a point. It means, if people round their head, then virtual reality shows other sides of the video. There are a number of brands which manufactures virtual reality cameras such as Samsung, Apple, Kodak, Google and many others.

Samsung Gear 360:

In all of these, Samsung was the first company which introduced virtual reality that is known as Gear VR, so it’s no surprise, really, that it has a strong 360 camera to go with it. It is compact, lightweight and offers a complete 360 degree range. The cost of Samsung Gear VR was only $215. The Picture quality of Gear VR is a bit lower than the image quality of Kodak’s PixPro, but superior than Ricoh’s Theta. The biggest problem with Gear VR is that, it is a camera that is designed to work with Samsung’s Smartphone.

Insta360 Nano:

If you are having an iPhone and want to record VR-friendly 360-degree video, then Insta360 Nano is one of the easiest ways to start. This Insta360 Nano can easily attach with iPhone through the lightning connector. It has budget-friendly price and also offers good quality video, still if 3K video at 30fps on paper sounds impressive. It is a very good option for recording 360 video by using an iPhone. Insta360 Nano app lets user to view shots in real time.

The Image quality of Insta360 Nano device is not as good as some of its competitors, but it is easy to share videos on social networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other sites easily. Finally, you can enjoy 360 videos without having to spend more money on a separate headset.