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Outlook Express deleted email recovery

An entire industry has sprung up revolving around recovery of lost emails. Specifically this software addresses the problem of how to recover Outlook Express emails as well as the larger Microsoft Outlook program messages. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are two distinctly different software programs. And that being said, to recover deleted Outlook Express emails you must have a program that focuses on locating and recovering messages from within Outlook Express DBX files. DBX files are the proprietary file extension used by Microsoft for storage and retrieval of Outlook Express information.

When the Outlook Express DBX based inbox fails due to size limitations or other file corruption your computer will no longer be able to open Outlook Express email messages. This is much in the same way that the accounting program Microsoft Excel can only be opened by its proper application. Of course one can reload the entire Outlook Express program but this will not recover any messages previously stored. The answer to this problem is to locate and access any DBX files deleted or otherwise on your computer using a third party Microsoft Outlook Express email recovery tool.

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