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Permanent deletion of hard drive data

The average computer hard drive holds over 250,000 different files. These files may contain everything from simple program applications, to your Windows operating system files, and of course all of your personal records and private information. It is no wonder that people delete files with the intention of permanently removing them from their computer’s internal hard drive. The reason for this can be as simple as personal privacy or that the computer itself may be sold or donated and secure information remains on the hard drive.

Remember, just because you delete files from your computer’s hard drive that does not mean that the information inherent in those files has been removed. You must erase hard drive data permanently by using superior programs known as data erasers or file shredders if you want to be absolutely certain that the information contained on your computer’s hard drive can never again be accessed. These file shredder programs will delete data permanently by overwriting the area containing your previous information with billions of randomly selected bytes of code information.

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