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Shredding virtual files for information security

The visual concept of a file shredder is somewhat comical. What is one meant to do load a corner of their PCs tower into some type of chopping machine? No a file shredder does not operate in any way like the paper shredder. In fact a better name for this type of software product would be a file scrambler. A file shredder program visits the area of your hard drive that has been delegated to store information of a certain file and overwrites those sectors with randomly produced machine code. It then repeats this process many times again randomly, so that it becomes a mathematical impossibility for any person or machine to be able to reconstruct the file data.

The obvious need for this product is based on both personal and business security. When purchasing a file shredder, as with when purchasing any type of software, it is always wise to look into file shredder reviews. These will be found online and will point out differences between a basic program that overwrites data once and a professional program to permanently delete files that will scramble the embedded information many times over.

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