Data Recovery Technology

Recover and resave information lost on flash drives

Most data recovery programs are available as a trialware version. There can be definite advantages to using this method of file recovery that allows one to find and locate their lost files prior to making a purchase. One particular advantage is that very often we are uncertain as to whether our computer’s internal hard drive is physically operational or if the files we hoped to recover have been permanently damage by overwriting. When we attempt to recover lost data from flash drive storage or any other type of digital media we must first check and find out if we had inadvertently placed new data on the filing areas that had been allocated to our original file. If this is the case, the file is probably not recoverable and purchase of a data recovery program would be a waste of money.

In the same manner, if when running the data recovery program we are returned a cyclic redundancy cycle error we may take from this message the knowledge that our hard drive has suffered physical damage and is unable to return any information. Once we use our trialware data recovery program to learn the answers to these two questions and should the answer be positive we can then opt to purchase the program and save recovered files information.

Software News

Recovering an NTFS partition that has been lost

NTFS is the file system used by the latest versions of Windows to store and retrieve data on internal hard drives. The New Technology File System replaces the older File Allocation Table system. NTFS is used on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Your computer’s internal hard drive is divided into partitions formatted with the NTFS system. From time to time computer’s, due to loss of important operating system files, will lose the ability to access this partition and essentially lose the entire partition. Fortunately there a quality data recovery software makers that produce programs specifically designed to recover lost NTFS partition files. These programs are unique in that they recognize the boot sectors of internal computer hard drives and other digital storage media that has been formatted using NTFS.

By being such a targeted program the software is able to recognize and recover a far higher percentage of lost files. These targeted programs also allow one to recover corrupted NTFS partition information far more quickly.